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Our extensive guitar repair and professional audio installation and calibration services set us leagues apart from our competitors.

Our technicians have many years of experience servicing a wide variety of clients all over the state.

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Guitar / Stringed Instrument Repair

Our service technician and luthier, Deric Rush, has been executing precise and timely stringed instrument repair with us for eight years.  His skills are recognized by the likes of Gibson, Martin, Taylor, and more reputable guitar brands.

Not only is Deric an expert at repairing any stringed instrument, he also does amplifier repair and guitar restoration.  Believe us when we say we have the very best guitar technician in the midwest.  Period.

Guitar Repair

  • Re-String


  • Deluxe Setup & Re-String


  • Gold Setup & Re-String

    $120 Acoustic / $140 Electric

  • Floyd Rose Setup & Re-String

    $85 & Up

  • Pick-up Install: Electric

    $35 Per Pickupplus restring or setup

  • Pick-up Install: Acoustic

    $85 & Upre-string required

  • Custom Wiring

    $75 Per Hour

  • Nut Replacement

    $45plus material & re-string

  • Saddle Replacement

    $45plus material & re-string

  • Tuner Replacement

    $35 & Upplus re-string

  • Acoustic Bridge Re-Glue

    $80 & Upplus re-string

  • Custom Built Bridges

    $250 & Up

  • Broken Peg Headno touch-up

    $120 & Upplus re-string

  • Broken Peg Headwith touch-up

    $200 & Upplus re-string

  • Refinishing

    $500 & Up

  • Miscellaneous Repairs

    $75 Per Hour

  • Fret Dress


  • Fret Replacement

    $25 Per Fret, $45 To Dressplus re-string & setup

  • Re-Fretmaple - no lacquer

    $300 & Up

  • Re-Fretrosewood

    $300 & Up

  • Re-Fretwith block inlay

    $450 & Up

Violin, Viola & Cello Repair

  • Reset Sound Post

    $45 & Up

  • Re-String


  • Replace Bridge

    $55 & Up

  • Violin / Viola Setup


  • Cello Setup


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Pro Audio Installation

Our pro audio installation and calibriation technician, Kalem Newton, has many years of experience working with professional audio systems of all shapes and sizes.  Kalem can do it all, from basic maintenance to full-scale installations.

Our competitive hourly rates combined with Kalem’s can-do attitude and extensive knowledge of all things sound makes GuitarWorks a perfect fit for your church or other organization.  Give us a call at 317.885.1510 or contact us to schedule a visit to review your sound system.

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