Band Builders is Back!

It's time to kick out the jams again! The next Band Builders session will begin on August 19th! Let us take you on the wild journey that is Band Builders. We begin by grouping you with other like-minded musicians around the same age and skill level into a real band.  Once in your group, you will decide on songs you wish to perform. Every Sunday, your band will meet up to practice these songs with guidance from our expert team of coaches here at GuitarWorks.

The culmination of this unique experience and all your hard work is a triumphant performance by your new band at a concert hosted by GuitarWorks for your friends and family. It’s a full-tilt rock show using our professional stage gear, lights, and loud PA system.

To commemorate this experience, each member of your band will receive a DVD of your GuitarWorks concert.

Our program is for all ages, all instruments and all skill levels.  We take seriously the development of our players, and we tend to attract those with a healthy obsession for getting better at their instrument of choice.  That’s why a lot of our Band Builders participants also receive additional weekly music lessons from our brilliant instructors here at GuitarWorks.

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