Guitarworks is Hiring!

Guitarworks has been in business for 30 years and is proud to be a south side institution for all music needs. We are a full-line music store - selling guitars, amplification, pianos, drums and accessories. From beginner to pro we cater to the musicians in Indiana.

We have an established lesson program seeing over 1000 students weekly, 7 days a week, from 10 am to 9 pm Monday through Friday, 10 am to 6 pm Saturday and 12 pm to 6 pm on Sunday. Lessons on all instruments (band instruments, voice, piano, guitar, violin, cello, drum and percussion, etc) are offered. We are in immediate need of a Guitar Instructor Sales Associate. Our student base ranges from beginners to experienced players of all ages. We offer a modern and professional environment and a roster of ready to learn students. Please submit resumes detailing work history and musical experience.

Our job is to support the pursuit of music in others, whether they’re absolute beginners or seasoned pros. We want to build musicians, not just move products. Guitarworks was founded with that purpose, and since our inception, teaching has been a large part of the business.

To keep the lights on, we do have to move products, too. We aim to engage with each person that walks in the door, offering intelligent, honest advice and guidance to help them further their musical experience.

You will break a sweat. Believe it or not, we don’t have a hidden team of elves that move those heavy amps into place or setup up drum sets. That would be awesome. Instead we have to put some elbow grease into keeping the store displays stocked and more importantly ready to demo.

Our job is not endlessly trying out gear in the store. We don’t start jamming together either. Maybe if the previously mentioned elves manifest themselves we’ll have time to do so, but right now we’re focused on being ready for clients at all times.

We strive to build rapport with our clientele and achieve that through asking questions and speaking with them about their musical needs. We do this to better serve the customer and not as a way of networking.  

If you’re interested in working hard to help others enjoy and create music more, Guitarworks is “The Place.”

Please send resumes to:

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